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Four Week Cleanse - Small Intestine and Colon

We're not sure who originally devised this programme, but believe it may have been Angela and Peter Bradbury, Iridologists from Pimlico, London. Whoever it was, it works well and thank you.

Taken over a period of 4 weeks, this deep acting Cleanse will gradually strip the convolutions within the small intestines and also the diverticulii and walls of the colon of the morbid accumulations of years of pasting with mucous and faecal matter.

This programme does NOT involve enemas or fasting. Where poor assimilation, irritable bowel syndrome, ulcerative colitis or even post-operative bowel problems exist, this gentle yet effective treatment will cleanse, soothe and calm intestinal conditions within 5-7 days. However, bearing in mind that years of accumulated deposits within an average of 11 metres of intestinal tract need "descaling", at least 4 weeks of treatment are required for deep, lasting benefits.

Twice daily, morning and evening, for the next 4 weeks, drink the following mixture:-

  1. Put 1 level dessertspoon of bentonite powder in a hand blender and blend with approximately 1 teacupful of juice (not orange).

  2. Add approximately pint or litre of water.

  3. Leave to stand for 10 minutes.

  4. Immediately before drinking, quickly blend in 1 flat teaspoon of psyllium husks.

Drink some more water if you are able to find more room.

Weight watchers should take the drink about an hour before breakfast and an hour before supper, as the psyllium husks act as an appetite suppressant. Underweight people are better taking this as a mid-morning drink and before bedtime.

Because of its molecular structure, Bentonite is capable of permeating into crevices even water cannot penetrate. Its ability to absorb 40 times its own volume of solids makes it an ideal intestinal detox and, when combined with psyllium husks which serve to soften the old, impacted waste deposits of many years' accumulation, this simple, cheap cleanse has no aggressive, reactive action. On the contrary, it is appropriate for the most delicate, hyper-sensitive constitutions and can be used with confidence.

For irritable bowel syndrome it will slow down the excessive activity to 1-2 movements daily. For the constipated, it needs about 48 hours to manifest its detoxifying action and improved elimination, with daily evacuations becoming established and a greater quantity, rather than more frequent, movements becoming the order of the day.

The Bentonite, a clay from the Bentonite Valley in America, is rich in minerals.

Bentonite Clay is available from Neals Yard


The Herbal Apothecary, 103 High Street, Syston, Leicester, LE7 1GQ, United Kingdom. Telephone: 0116 2602690 Fax: 0116 2602757

Created On  13 Jul 2013 12:24 in Detox and Liver Health  -  Permalink


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